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Pallet Lift Trucks

Lift-Rite & Logix

Titan Logix PST 5000

Titan Pallet Lift Trucks - Lift-Rite

Lift-Rite Titan pallet lift truck Lift-Rite Titan jigger

Ergonomically designed and built to last!

The new hydraulic pump design is the driving force behind the Titan Series. The one-piece pump body is designed to keep the oil in the pump and off your floor. Superior operator lowering control is facilitated through a new lowering valve cartridge. Steering is easier than ever before because of a new high quality thrust load ball bearing and plate equipped with grease fittings. 2-year pump warranty.

  • New one-piece hydraulic pump – improves performance and reliability
  • High quality wheels, rollers and ball bearings provide low rolling resistance
  • Ergonomic handle – loop design for comfort and safety
  • Protective handle bumper protects pump piston from wall impact
  • Entry slide and exit rollers at fork tips provide smooth pallet transition
  • High performance frame finished in durable powder coating

Repairs and warranty work done on our premises. We stock parts.

2 year warranty.

Pallet Lift Truck Parts List 5000 lb (for older models)

Pallet Lift Truck LR2055 Parts List - 5500 lb

Titan Pallet Lift Trucks - Standard

3" low to 7.75" raised
Fork Width 7" (use with 2-way pallets)

Capacity: 5500 lb.
Item Model Dim. (W x L)
471520 L523LY00-X00 20.5 x 36"
471525 L522LY00-X00 20.5 x 42"
471530 L521LY00-X00 20.5 x 48"
471535 L513LY00-X00 27 x 36"
471540 L512LY00-X00 27 x 42"
471545 L511LY00-X00 27 x 48"
471580 LCS5520572 20.5 x 72"
471590 LCS55270060 27 x 60"
471595 LCS55270072 27 x 72"
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Titan Pallet Lift Trucks - 4-way Series

The LIFT-RITE Four Way hand pallet truck allows the operator to handle four-way-entry pallets easily in all four directions. This maximizes trailer load density and provides alternatives for pallet orientation in retail and warehouse environments.
2" low to 6.75" raised
Fork Width 6" (use with 4-way pallets)
5000 lb

Item Model Dim. (W x L) Shipping Weight
471680 UWK1LY00-000 33 x 48" 200 lb
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Titan Pallet Lift Trucks - Ultra Low-Profile

Designed for low clearance pallet or skid openings.
1.75" low to 6" raised
Fork Width 6" (use with 2-way pallets)
5000 lb

Item Model Dim. (W x L)
471610 U511LY00-000 27 x 48"
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Titan Pallet Lift Trucks - Low-Profile

Designed for low clearance pallet or skid openings.
2" low to 6.75" raised
Fork Width 6" (use with 2-way pallets)
5000 lb

Item Model Dim. W x L
471765 M512LY00-X00 27 x 42"
471770 M511LY00-X00 27 x 48"
471720 M521LY00-X00 20.5 x 48"
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Factory installed - must be ordered at the time of purchase.
Skid Adaptor
  • Transforms the truck for either pallet or skid use
  • Secures easily in a vertical position when not in use
Skid adaptor for Lift-Rite Titan pallet lift truck Load Backrest
  • Built from 1.25" tubular steel
  • Allows added load stability and operator safety

Load Backrest for Lift-Rite Titan pallet truck
Platform/Skid Truck
  • Offers a customized solution to various unique applications

Platform for Lift-Rite Titan truck Dual-Action Drum Brake
  • Increases maneouverability and operator safety on uneven floors

Dual-Action Drum Brake for Lift-Rite Titan jigger
4-Way Hand Pallet Truck with Pallet Stops

  • Permits operator to handle pallets easily in all 4 directions
  • Maximizes trailer load density while restricting fork entry in adjoining pallets
Pallet Stops
  • Swings down conveniently to handle shorter pallets
  • Special stops available

LogixTM Pallet Lift Trucks

Doverco’s Logix pallet lift truck

Wide upper handle with anti-slip grip for easier manoeuvring. Protected handle spring. Quality bearings and robotic welds throughout. Grease fittings and bushings at all pivot points. Adjustable push rods. 3-function control handle – raise, neutral and lower. Polyurethane wheels and rollers on steel hub. Helper entry / exit roller system. Fork height: 2.95" lowered – 7.28" raised. Fork width: 7". 5500 lb. capacity. 1 year warranty on pump. Colour: Red with black handle. All Logix equipment is CSA or equivalent special inspection certified for insurance compliance liability.

See Logix Pallet Lift Truck Parts List

Item Dimensions (W x L)
461540 27 x 42"
461545 27 x 48"
461529 20.5 x 48"
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Hand Pallet Truck - PST 5000TM

This ergonomic hand pallet truck will give you a flying start
Minimize the human exertion required to get a hand pallet truck rolling. Overcome inertia with the Power-Start-Technology, PST™, which enables efficient moving capability without strenuous effort. An operator can handle loads with little effort and big efficiency. That means faster transports, healthier employees and a safer workplace.

Lift-Rite pallet lift truck PST 5000 step 1 Lift-Rite pallet truck PST 5000 step 2 Lift-Rite jigger PST 5000 step 3
Position and lift Get going Keep going

This truck can travel over uneven surfaces and climb over normal thresholds. It even provides a power boost on moderate inclines. The PST 5000™ enables high-precision floor navigation and simplifies parking a load in a tight space.

Lift-Rite hand pallet truck PST 5000 Lift-Rite jigger PST 5000 With one simple manual operation — pumping the towbar up or down — the truck can be manoeuvred in any direction. Even with its maximum load. Travel directions selected via an adjusting handgrip on the towbar. Squeeze the handgrip, pump the towbar and the truck will be launched in your walking direction. When the handgrip is pressed downward, and the towbar is raised, the truck will be launched in the direction of the forks.

Rated Capacity: 5 000 lb
Pump strokes: 12 (to full height)
Weight: 188 lb
Fork Height: 3" — 7.5"

Item Model Fork Dim. (W x L)
460521 ST23LY9F-00P 20.5 x 36"
460526 ST22LY9F-00P 20.5 x 42"
460531 ST21LY9F-00P 20.5 x 48"
460536 ST13LY9F-00P 27 x 36"
460546 ST11LY9F-00P 27 x 48"
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